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Local Sports June 22, 2019

Local Sports June 22, 2019 Friday Scoreboard: Amateur Baseball: Dundas Dukes 8 Red Wing Aces 2 Rochester Royals 6 Miesville Mudhens 1 Stewartville-Racine Sharks 6

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Local Sports June 19, 2019

LOCAL SPORTS June 19, 2019 Amateur Baseball: Rochester Royals (6-4) at Red Wing Aces (9-5) 7:15pm pre-game 7:30pm game on Bluff Country 1250 KCUE/KCUE 99FM

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‘Make it crappy’: Adam Eaton supports minor-league exploitation

Poor clubhouse conditions, long hours, endless road trips and minuscule paychecks are just a handful of the many struggles minor leaguers face, and Washington Nationals outfielder Adam Eaton is perfectly fine with it.Eaton spent roughly three years in the minor leagues, and experienced all of the joys that come with it.METS MANAGER CALLAWAY, PITCHER VARGAS…

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Why Cam Newton offered passenger $1,500 to switch seat on flight from Paris

A video surfaced over the weekend appearing to show Carolina Panthers star Cam Newton offering $1,500 to switch seats aboard a 10-hour flight from Paris and getting turned down.The mystery behind Newton’s plea to switch seats was revealed Monday.TOM BRADY INTENDS TO ‘FOSTER’ TROUBLED TEAMMATE JOSH GORDON: REPORTAccording to Florida sports radio host Andy Slater,…

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