2019 First to Burst

2019 First to Burst Rules

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2019 First to Burst Rules 

  1. Depending on number of participating teams, it may be necessary to have preliminary rounds, bring your own bandaids!
  2. All teams will from a random draw, select the watermelon they would like to reshape, caress, destroy.
  3. All contestants must wear safety googles
  4. All contestants must be seated in the chairs provided
  5. Only one rubber band may be applied at a time
  6. All teams encouraged to bring their own fans (shouting type), none will be supplied.
  7. Creative team uniforms could make your melon burst quicker.
  8. OOB….Order of burst will be determined by the unofficial judges or not so instant replay.  Patience is a must!
  9. Most of all, this event is intended to be entertaining, fun, and your chance to make a mess for someone else to clean up! 

 All decisions are final, with the exception of those we change. 

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