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The Blob

Just in time for Halloween, It’s the BLOB and according to Reuters It’s the newest exhibit of the Paris Zoological Park, which goes on display

That’s one speedy mower

Don’t have time to mow.  You do now. Honda’s new Mean Mower V2 has broken a Guinness World Record.  The riding lawnmower can go from

Devin Smeltzer Catch Cancer Looking

As a pediatric cancer survivor, Minnesota Twins pitcher Devin Smeltzer wants to do all he can to support children dealing with cancer. Proceeds from this

May 28 is…

Did you know that today is National Hamburger Day So if you didn’t eat enough Hamburgers this weekend, keep eating. It is most likely that

Teenage Speak Help

Parents do you understand the words coming out of your teenagers mouth? High school teacher James Callahan created an urban dictionary to help decipher the

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