Thought’s from the studio. Scene 1 Episdode 1.

Now that’s a BONUS

Delta Airlines employees are getting an extra two months pay as part of a profit-sharing plan. Delta’s CEO says the company is nothing without its 90-thousand employees and “they deserve all the credit.” It’s also the sixth year in a row Delta has paid out more than a billion dollars to workers.

Today is Jan 21st..Nation Squirrel Day. My dog is going nuts right now!

Birthday’s include

Hall of Fame golfer Jack Nicklaus is 80 Emmy Award-winning opera singer Placido Domingo is 79. Grammy award-winning singer Billy Ocean is 70. Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis is 64.

Dead BUT not Forgotten

Actor Telly Savalas (Kojak)

British comedian Benny Hill. It was a weekly tradition in my family to watch his dirty comedy.

“Clap for the Wolfman” Radio Hall of Fame disc jockey Wolfman Jack.

And Finally..Have you listened to your Cow lately?

It might sound like just your average “moo,” but new research suggests cows have very distinct vocalizations that they use to express different emotions. Researchers in Australia studied a young herd of free-range cows. They said it was the first time they were able to detect and analyze such unique voices and arrive at “conclusive evidence of this trait.”

If you do anything today, listen to your COW!


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