Reasons Non-Football Fans Watch the Super Bowl

A lot of us watch the Super Bowl for the ads or halftime show, not the game.  And a new survey of NON-sports fans asked people WHY they watch major sporting events.  Here are the top ten reasons . . .

1.  For the atmosphere.

2.  To get together with family and friends.

3.  For the social factor.  So the first three are all mostly about socializing.

4.  To learn about the sport.

5.  So they can join in on conversations about the game the next day.

6.  For the adrenaline.

7.  The food.

8.  FOMO, or the “fear of missing out.”

9.  To keep up to date with sports news.

10.  To impress someone.


The top people we try to impress by watching sports are our friends, coworkers, and a significant other.




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