Here Are the Most Sinful Cities in the U.S

It’s been a little harder to be SINNERS this year with so many places shut down . . . but the heart finds a way. just released the results of its annual study on the most SINFUL cities in the U.S., based on different stats that correspond to the seven deadly sins.  Here are the results . . .

1.  Wrath, based on things like violent crimes and shootings.  The top city is St. Louis.

2.  Jealousy, based on things like fraud and identity theft.  The top city is Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

3.  Gluttony, based on things like obesity rates, binge drinking rates, and drug use.  The top city is St. Louis again.

4.  Greed, based on things like casinos and lower charity numbers.  The top city is Jackson, Mississippi.

5.  Lust, based on things like strip clubs per capita and porn searches.  The top city is Los Angeles.

6.  Vanity, based on things like tanning salons and plastic surgery.  The top city is San Diego.

7.  Sloth, based on things like exercise rates and average work hours.  The top city is Hialeah, Florida.

And even though it didn’t win any category, the most sinful city overall is . . . Las Vegas.

The rest of the top five are:  Los Angeles . . . St. Louis . . . Houston . . . and Atlanta.

The five least sinful big cities are:  Pearl City, Hawaii . . . South Burlington, Vermont . . . Bridgeport, Connecticut . . . Fremont, California . . . and Port St. Lucie, Florida.




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