Eight Bad Financial Habits We’ve Picked Up During the Pandemic

Feel like you’ve done some WEIRD things with money over the past 10 months?  Yeah, it’s not just you. 64% of Americans say they regret not handling their money better last year, according to a new survey.  And here are the eight bad financial habits we’ve picked up during the pandemic . . .

1.  Impulse buying things we don’t need, 51%.

2.  Paying for subscription services we don’t use anymore, 44%.

3.  Not comparing prices to look for a better deal, 35%.

4.  Only paying the minimum balance on credit cards, 35%.

5.  Not paying attention to our credit score, 32%.

6.  Not sticking to a budget, 31%.

7.  Missing credit card or bill payments, 18%.

8.  Not doing enough saving, 15%.



Source: the-sun.com

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