Comfortable in a new relationship?

Here’s an important relationship milestone people don’t usually talk about:  The moment when you’re finally not scared that you could say or do one wrong thing and it would torpedo everything. A new survey asked people to name the biggest signs that you’re finally COMFORTABLE in a new relationship.  Here are the top 10.  And no, passing gas in front of the other person somehow didn’t chart.

1.  Sleeping in the same bed.

2.  Meeting their family.

3.  Leaving the door open when you use the bathroom.

4.  Telling them a deep secret.

5.  Showering at their place.

6.  Calling each other pet names.

7.  Not wearing makeup in front of them.

8.  Having them meet YOUR family.

9.  Trusting them to take care of your pet.

10.  Taking about having a future together.




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